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Public Interest Law

Defending important First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment rights is a core principle of our firm. That’s why challenging public interest and pro bono work is a key part of our practice.

Our work includes defending the First Amendment Free Exercise rights of a Delaware home church.

In addition, our firm, along with our co-counsel Mountain States Legal Foundation, filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Native American Guardian’s Association (NAGA) and five other Native American plaintiffs challenging the constitutionality of Colorado’s SB 21-116. SB 21-116, which is titled “Prohibit American Indian Mascots,” bans American Indian Tribe names, symbols, and images in Colorado’s public schools, but does not prohibit non-American Indian Tribe names, symbols, or images. NAGA is a section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that focuses on increased education about Native Americans, especially in public educational institutions. It seeks greater recognition of Native American heritage through sports and other high-profile public venues. NAGA has been partnering with public schools across the country to help those schools (a) eliminate stereotypical “mascot” caricatures and iconography, chants and cheers, and (b) develop respectful and culturally appropriate Native American names, logos, iconography and imagery.

Our legal partners include, among others, Liberty Counsel, the Alliance Defending Freedom and Mountain States Legal Foundation.

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